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  • Fuel-Gas-Skid-2011-1-900x672.jpg

Fuel Gas Skids - Image 1

  • Fuel-Gas-Skid-2011-21.jpg

Fuel Gas Skids - Image 2

  • Fuel-Gas-Skid-Petro-Canada-2011-1-900x675.jpg

Fuel Gas Skids - Petro Canada

  • Fire-Pump-Package-Devon-2011-1.jpg
  • Fire-Pump-Package-Devon-2011-2.jpg
  • Fire-Pump-Package-Devon-2011-3.jpg

Pump Packages - Devon - Slide Show

  • spooling-racks.jpg

Spooling -

  • steam-ring-for-exshaw-0021.jpg
  • steam-ring-for-exshaw-0031.jpg
  • steam-ring-for-exshaw-001.jpg
  • steam-ring-for-exshaw-0041.jpg
  • steam-ring-for-exshaw-0051.jpg

Steam Rings - Exshaw - Slide Show

  • Vapour-Skid-2009-1.jpg
  • Vapour-Skid-2009-2.jpg
  • Vapour-Skid-2009-3.jpg

Vapour Skids - John Zink - Slide Show

Welding 16" Heavy Wall Pipe Video

  • field-tie-ins-c.jpg

Field Tie-ins - Field Tie In Test


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List of Petrochemical Oil & Gas Industry Equipment Products

  • 40 Foot Flare Stack complete with electric ignition, shooter tube, pilot line, 100 pound propane tank, 240 foot capacity pipe rack, hydraulic ram for 35 second lift.

Definition Education:

A gas flare or flare stack is an elevated vertical stack or chimney found on oil wells or oil rigs, and in refineries, chemical plants and landfills used for burning off unwanted gas or flammable gas and liquids released by pressure relief valves during unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. Now you know!