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  • Devon Fire Pump

    Devon Fire Pump

  • Oil Transfer Skid

    Oil Transfer Skid

  • Fuel Gas Skid

    Fuel Gas Skid

  • Flare Stacks

    Flare Stacks

    Flare Stacks in all sizes for your specific needs.

  • Steam Ring

    Steam Ring

Oil & Gas Fabrication Services Worldwide! GKM Fabrication Inc.

GKM Fabrication Inc. is a Calgary based manufacturer of Welded Products for the Oil and Gas industry. GKM’s mission as a fabricator is for each and every customer to be completely satisfied. We are not satisfied until our customer is proud enough to display their name and logo on all equipment we supply. Calgary based ABSA certified welding and fabrication company. We professionally manufacture quality flare tower structures. Oil & Gas Industry: 9001 ISO Certified Supplier.

9001 ISO Certified Supplier
GKM FABRICATION – Welding & Fabrication Services Calgary – ISO Certified Supplier
Fabrication Services Calgary: Oil and Gas Industry

Burner Management System Packages

Burner Management System Packages, BMS Packages, and Fuel Gas Packages to meet all needs.

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Field Tie-ins

Field assembly, start-up, or commissioning.

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Any electrical or instrumentation as required.

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Pig Launchers & Receivers

Packages, Barrels, and Design Solutions

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Portable Flare Stacks

All sizes for your specific needs.

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Pressure Vessels

AMSE – National Board – U-stamped

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Pump Packages

Any Size & Any Application

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Individual pieces to modular rack assemblies.

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